Jeans and No Shoes

I have had a few blogs before this one.  None of them made a lasting impression on the blogosphere.  The first was a collaborative effort between me and a group of creative writing classmates.  We were gung ho at first, but our enthusiasm for the project faded with the end of term.  There were two other blogs that I started, quickly lost interest in, and abandoned.  My most recent attempt was blogging a book.  That one lasted for eight months and one hundred and six posts.  It remains unfinished.

I decided to take another shot at blogging because I love to write.  Writing is the career that I imagine myself having in an alternate universe.  The one in which I did not begin a career in business.  Alternate universe me writes from a cozy home office surrounded by books and natural light.  She wears jeans and no shoes.  Alternate universe me isn’t crunching numbers in a cubicle farm inside a rundown factory-turned-office building, under fluorescent lights, across the street from a rail yard and an expressway that is anything but express…But I digress.

This time around I spent a week brainstorming ideas.  This time I am serious.  I asked friends and family for input.  I weighed the pros and cons of each potential topic.  I made a spreadsheet.  The possibilities were exciting, but there was so much to consider.

I began to do research on what makes a blog successful.  I read a lot of articles and watched a lot of YouTube videos by veteran bloggers giving advice.  What I found was a consensus that WordPress is the site to use (yay WordPress!).  Most of the bloggers offered this piece of advice right off the bat:  blog about something that you are passionate about.  This made sense.  It sounded like good advice.

img_0148The problem is that I am passionate about lots of things.  Most (ahem, business) I am passionate about for only a little while.  I’ve always been this way.  My childhood activities included dance, gymnastics, soccer, softball, choir, Girl Scouts, basketball, piano lessons, Spanish club, French club, community service corps, drama club, business club, intramural volleyball, and staffer for my high school’s creative writing magazine.  I never participated in any of them for more than a year or two.

Adult me is much the same.  In the past decade I have played women’s softball, wasted hours of my life designing and redesigning my Clash of Clans village, began reading Tarot cards, taken up running, sold photos online, started composting, scrap booked, binge-watched The Crown, then followed that up with hours of YouTube documentaries on the Royal Family.  (I seriously probably know more about them than most Brits.)

img_0126How many of these obsessions endured once the novelty faded?  One.  I have been running for eight years.  A phenomenon that I attribute to the great variety within the world of running.  I’ve done 5Ks, 10Ks, ten milers, a half-marathon, an endurance run, mud runs, color runs, even a run that requires you to stop and eat a pint of ice cream  half way through.  (On a side note, composting is a new hobby for me so stay tuned.)

So, to get back to the point, I decided to write a blog about what I am passionate about – whatever that happens to be that week.  To my fellow eclectics who are easily obsessed with new hobbies, gardening tools, phone apps, or whatever…

Welcome and enjoy!