Seven Surprisingly Awesome Things about Being a Mom

This is shaping up to be one of those weeks where my new obsession is not of my choosing. It’s track season for my son which means that it’s track season for me. The meet this week is on Wednesday instead of Saturday which is good because it is Mother’s Day weekend. Not that I’m complaining. I’m lucky enough to be a mom whose own mom is still alive, so I get to enjoy both sides of this special day.

As I sat in the bleachers at the last track meet, two little girls were playing in front of me. They practiced wrapping their dolls in blankets as they sang songs from Beauty and the Beast. It made me think about how the games that I played as a child better prepared me for a life as a zookeeper than a mom. As a tomboy, being a mom wasn’t on my radar. I liked to ride my bike and collect discarded spark plugs from the auto repair shop behind my house. My dolls languished in my bedroom.

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Because of this, I didn’t go into motherhood with a lot of expectations or preparation. It’s been a bit like riding a roller coaster in the dark. So in honor of Mother’s Day, below are seven surprisingly awesome things about being a mom.


  1. Having an excuse to reread your favorite children’s books.
  2. Having an excuse to play with toys again.
  3. The pay raise that you get when your child outgrows formula, then baby food, and FINALLY diapers.
  4. Kid placemats at restaurants. Thanks, Dolores. I’m not sure how far my three-year-old will get with this crossword puzzle, but I’ll gladly finish it while he peels the wrappers off of the crayons.
  5. Merging your old Lego collection with your child’s. Better pull up the drawbridge on the King’s Castle before the Bionicles attack!

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  6. Getting to experience new things as you are taken along for the ride on your child’s activities…unless you live vicariously through your child and make them do the same activities that you did in hopes that they will make up for your shortcomings. But hey, no judgement.
  7. Being able to dye Easter eggs again and realizing that hiding them is as much fun as hunting for them. Just try to spot the egg in the bookshelf. On the top shelf. Behind the dictionary (insert evil laugh).

What awesome aspect of motherhood took you by surprise? Add your own in the comments below.


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