Five Things That Suck and Three That are Kind of Nice about Being an Introvert

I’m not obsessed with anything this week except trying to enjoy summer before the Labor Day fireworks herald its unofficial end. My post was going to be about enjoying summer without breaking the bank, but my inner introvert had other ideas about some of the activities that I had intended. Since it messed up my plans, I’m going to honor it with this post about our love/hate relationship.

Five things that suck about being an introvert…

  1. Feeling drained after too much social interaction.
  2. Not knowing how much is too much until it is.
  3. If you accidentally pick an extrovert job, you will have had enough peopling for the week by lunchtime on Monday.
  4. When extroverts assume that you are antisocial.
  5. Simultaneously really wanting and really not wanting to go out and do something because you’re not sure how much peopling you’ll have to do or how much you are up for.


Introvert 1


…and three that are kind of nice.

  1. Not needing other people to recharge.
  2. Being able to entertain yourself.
  3. Solo activities tend to be cheaper than group outings.


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What do you like most and least about it? Let me know in the comments below.